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If you are contemplating an E-Bike, MAKE SURE YOU GIVE ELECTRIC FAT BIKE COMPANY a call, you wont be dissapointed!!!” –Terry Shuttleworth 

I was looking for an electric bike but was daunted by the prices. Then I found Electric Fat Bike Company. I ordered an EFB 750 step-through and I love it. It’s a heavy beast but I can now ride all the way home (uphill) with the pedal assist and with a big smile on my face! Great prices on the bike and on the add-ons. Kaylyn delivered the product on time (early actually) and it’s wonderful to see such a young person in business with great products!

Mary F

This is an amazing bike and a great company to work with. We were looking for hill climbing assistance and ended up with so much more. We have rediscovered the joy and convenience of biking. Age and declining fitness had led to my bike gathering spider webs. Now my wife and I ride almost everyday! Kalyn gave us great customer service (I think we had a dozen revisions to our invoices). His bikes are more versatile (highway, street, gravel, dirt, field and beach riding), rugged, powerful, better looking and cheaper that the competition.

Bob P

“This is a very serious toy, I got the EFB1000. I’ve been taking this bike in ski doo trail , ice and snow. with soft tire the traction is unbeleavable. and now with the warm weather the tire are hard and it feel like a all other bike. Kalyn was awesome to do business with, very available and answering question. let s say if you want to know something he won’t let you hang. bike 10/10 service 10/10 god speed have fun;)

Alex Lacasse

Consumer Direct

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