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EFB - 1000w MID

August 3, 2021

I just took delivery of my EFB – 1000w mid and its a beast !! It will climb anything has incredible torque and I hit 50 kph on throttle only.

Hats off to Kalyn, this bike is a winner and out performs bikes that are twice the price.

K Gordon

MAKE SURE YOU GIVE ELECTRIC FAT BIKE COMPANY a call, you wont be dissapointed!!!!

March 7, 2021

Initially I was looking for a quality

rugged dependable E bike, but the

costing was out of my retirement pension

parameters. During my investigative

stage, I happened upon EFB website and

contacted Kalyn. I was impressed with

his forthrightness, his knowledge and

professionalism. He did not have the EFB

1000 in stock but was expecting a

shipment. I arranged to have one of the

next ones available and received it in

October. It is exactly as advertised and

I am completely satisfied with it. I

ride every day, and this bike functions

perfectly. If you are contemplating an E


BIKE COMPANY a call, you wont be


Terry Shuttleworth

This is an amazing bike and a great company to work with.

March 7, 2021

This is an amazing bike and a great

company to work with. We were looking

for hill climbing assistance and ended

up with so much more. We have

rediscovered the joy and convenience of

biking. Age and declining fitness had

led to my bike gathering spider webs.

Now my wife and I ride almost everyday!

Kalyn gave us great customer service

(I think we had a dozen revisions to our

invoices). His bikes are more versatile

(highway, street, gravel, dirt, field

and beach riding), rugged, powerful,

better looking and cheaper that the


Bob P

Super happy overall and super happy I could find what I wanted at a good price. Kalyn is great too!

March 7, 2021

I researched and searched for 2 years to

find an electric fat bike with fenders

and lights front and back and, within my

budget. I have the 500, it has

everything I wanted plus extras like

adjustable neck, rack with side bags,

all UNDER my budget. Super happy overall

and super happy I could find what I

wanted at a good price. Kalyn is great


Jason H

bike 10/10 service 10/10

March 7, 2021

this is a very serious toy, I got the

EFB1000. i ve been taking this bike in

ski doo trail , ice and snow. with soft

tire the traction is unbeleavable. and

now with the warm weather the tire are

hard and it feel like a all other bike.

Kalyn was awesome to do business with,

very available and answering question.

let s say if you want to know something

he won’t let you hang.

bike 10/10

service 10/10

god speed have fun;)

Alex Lacasse

The bike is an excellent product, fully equipped and reasonably priced.

March 7, 2021

Just bought a EFT Trike from Kalyn at

EFBC. The bike is an excellent product,

fully equipped and reasonably priced.

The real joy of this experience, though,

was dealing with Kalyn. As an earlier

reviewer said, dealing with a real and

knowledgeable and customer focused

person makes all the difference in the

world. I highly recommend EFBC and its


Michael C

I am delighted with the results of my purchase

March 7, 2021

My wife and I were told about

Kalyn’s business when we stopped

and chatted to 2 Senior fat bike owners.

We took their advice and headed to

Kalyn’s shop. I am now the proud

owner of a fat bike. Kalyn was helpful

and very product knowledgeable. We were

impressed with his company and as a fat

bike owner, I am delighted with the

results of my purchase. Wishing Kalyn

great success in his future endeavours!

Wayne Colborne

I was looking for a rugged sexy bike, this beauty is that

March 7, 2021

I was looking for a rugged sexy bike, this beauty is that. Astounding preforms, haven’t used it in the

snow yet but am looking forward to it, great on the beach. My email to the company for a minor problem was answered

almost immediately by the owner, and fixed over the weekend. The responses I got we’re “sure” and ” how about today” fantastic

service … second to none. Try this bike out.

David Nunan

I ordered an EFB 750 step-through and I love it.

March 7, 2021

I was looking for an electric bike but was daunted by the prices. Then I found Electric Fat Bike Company. I ordered an

EFB 750 step-through and I love it. It’s a heavy beast but I can now ride all the way home (uphill) with the pedal assist and with a big smile on my face! Great prices on the bike and on the add-ons. Kaylyn delivered the product on time (early actually) and it’s wonderful to see such a young person in business with great products!

Mary F

The EFB 1000w is phenomenal!

March 7, 2021

The EFB 1000w!Is phenomenal! It took me 54.9km to get from Vernon to West Kelowna! The battery was still at half!I’ve put on 80km on the bike and it died right at 80km. 🙂 most likely because from Kelowna to west Kelowna there is that big hill that took most of the power for sure witch is equal to about 20km. So I would say the battery for sure last 100km all together. It just really depends on how many hills your going up!

Jadon Barber

You truly will not be disappointed. I love my bike.

March 7, 2021

My EFB 750 is exactly what I required due to having Pulmonary Fibrosis. I can now enjoy riding with my family and friends again. Kayln is very knowledgeable on every aspect of his bikes and ot was a pleasure going to his shop and seeing what was available. If you are the market for an Electric Bike you must go see what Electric Fat Bike Company has to offer. You truly will not be disappointed. I love my bike.

Cec T

Your service is outstanding and thank you for the minor tweaks

March 7, 2021

Kalyn, turned 1,,000 km today on my Electric Bike 750. What a thrill to ride. These bikes are a little heavy but what a nice ride with the Fat tires. Your service is outstanding and thank you for the minor tweaks, I take this bike up any hill, get daily requests as to where I purchased it. My responses are always the same. This young fellow in Vernon really cares about customer satisfaction and if you are in the market, make sure you call Kalyn at the Electric Fat Bike Company. . These bikes are affordably priced and I expect years of riding. He now offers bike carriers and look forward to loading up our bikes and start touring. Biking is now fun again.


You have to try them out! You will instantly sold!

March 7, 2021

We live in the Kirschner/Black Mountain

area in Kelowna, 350 meters above the

city. It was easy to ride our mountain

bikes down to the city but not so much

to come home. A friend introduced us to

the Electric Fat Tire Company and when

Kalyn had us test ride his e-bikes, we

were instantly sold. We purchased the

EFB 750 bikes from Kalyn last fall and

we absolutely love them! They ride

beautifully and are easy to handle

despite their weight. Kayln is a very

knowledgeable young man who certainly

knows bikes. He has been very quick

to respond to any questions we have had

and he is most ready to make sure we are

completely happy with all the features

on the bike. We have compared these

bikes with others out there and they

have far surpassed anything we have seen

that comes close to his price. You have

to try them out! You will instantly


Lon and Marilyn

The EFB 500 has been a great bike.

March 7, 2021

The EFB 500 has been a great bike. I use it many times a day to do chores on my 300 acre farm. I’ve put about 800km on it in a year with the average trip being about .3 km. Such a treat having a silent mode of transportation that can go anywhere.

Steve M

Love our 2 bikes

March 7, 2021

Met Kaylin at the Armstrong Fair. Love our 2 bikes, Kaylin has been great in helping getting the bike set properly for us. We have been having a great time riding the hills around Dilworth Mountain in Kelowna. He is a young entrepreneur with a nice personality and wish him the best in his electricfatbikecomapny. Thanks Kaylin


The bike has surpassed my expectations.

March 7, 2021

I purchased my EFB 750 in August of this

past summer 2018. I have to say that

this purchase was one that I do not

regret. The bike has surpassed my


I had been looking for an electric bike

for about a year. One day when I came

across the EFB website, I was intrigued,

but thought to myself that the bike may

be worth a try, but I was had not

considered buying a “fat”

bike—the bike I had wanted was the

Electra Townie Go.

So some time had gone by before I made

it out the garage where these bikes are

put together here in Vernon, BC. When

I went there I was still skeptical that

this bike would be for me. But once I

saw it—it was love at first sight.

It looked so cool and well-made.

After a quick test ride, I purchased one

and Kalyn dropped it off at my house

later that day. The love affair with

this bike has continued.

I have taken this bike up and down some

rugged Okanagan roads including Becker

Lake Road/Noble Canyon and Terrace

Mountain. The bike has performed

fantastically in these tough off-road,

rocky, and steep trails. And on the

pavement around my place here in

Okanagan Landing, the bike is

unbelievable! Such as joy to ride! I

can take it from Kin Beach all the way

up to The Rise Golf Course on a single

charge—and that is one fantastic,

scenic up-hill ride on this awesome


Kalyn has been great with all my

questions and with service. I am

planning on buying another bike from him

either later this year or early next

year for my wife who also loves this

bike; we already have many plans of

places we will go one our EFBs next


I am glad this company exists and hope

it continues to grow.


I love my Electric Fat Bike and always get comments on it.

March 7, 2021

I am a senior lady who enjoys cycling. I love my Electric Fat Bike and always get comments on it. The only challenge I have is lifting it onto the bike rack. As I get older I’ll have to look at a different time of rack as i is difficult to lift. Thanks Kalyn! I love my bike!

Irene Petty

It's worth buying.

March 7, 2021

Had bike 6 months easy to ride ,good price , if you shut with gears same , only when tied can use electrical, I went 60 miles on charge didn’t touch electricity was pedaling still had full charge, just took the heaviness from bike, so you can get work out , still have lots of charge left , I think you could get up to 100 miles on battery with peddling, on battery assist, or use battery only 25 miles. It’s worth buying.

Greg G

This is one amazing bike!!

March 7, 2021

Kalyn…you rock this bike of yours is such great value with well built components. You have made an old man happy. It’s wonderful to have that Pedal Assist to get up hills at the same cadence I like to wheel at on the flat.

This is one amazing bike!! Thanks much!!

Bill C

I have been very satisfied with ordering, shipping/receiving, assembly, and riding the bike.

March 7, 2021

I’m brand new to e-bikes,

didn’t really know what to expect,

but I knew I wanted a throttle, and also

pedal assist. I bought an EFB750. I have

been very satisfied with ordering,

shipping/receiving, assembly, and riding

the bike. I really don’t have a

problem with anything at all.

The handlebars were easy to put on, the

headlight was easy to plug in,

didn’t need instructions for any of

that. I’m not really a bike-rider

at all, but I was able to intuitively

assemble everything without any issues.

Even the tires came inflated to a good

pressure that I liked! Everything just

suited immediately. Well I adjusted the

brakes slightly, but really they

weren’t bad out of the box.

Oh I did call Kalyn about how to turn on

the bike, I couldn’t figure that

out on my own, Kalyn sent me a PDF that

explained all that stuff, which was very


I’ve put on over 600km in the last

two months, everything’s been

perfect, other than when I take a jump

on the bike, there have been two times

when the chain came off, but that only

happens if I’m in high gear.

There’s probably an adjustment for

that, I just haven’t looked for it


I installed a rear rack and a set of

three panniers, and now this is my

bike-to-work vehicle most days.

Randy B

From Google

darlene laplante
darlene laplante
02:35 31 May 22
Love my trike.
Veronique Verreault
Veronique Verreault
20:20 21 Apr 22
The customer service and professionalism is beyond excellent. Heard a lot of great reviews in the Okanagan on them.... Since I'm very petite, we ended up with another model, but wish that orange bike fitted me!read more
Saw Dusty
Saw Dusty
01:13 06 Feb 22
The owner is great to work with, completely honest and reliable. You can trust his advice. I knew of no other owners... before I ordered my bike, since then I have met 7 other owners in my neighbourhood. All have only good things to say about this company.I am delighted with my EFB1000, no problems or issues with my bike at all. It's great fun and easy to ride.I wanted to a few modifications to suit me and Kalyn was only too pleased to help.Great to deal with, thanks Kalynread more
Lee Epp
Lee Epp
23:55 02 Apr 21
Very knowledgable, very reliable, very friendly. I bought an electric bike there last year and it's awesome. I get... every question answered more
phil nelson
phil nelson
19:02 27 Feb 21
Excellent comunication, delivered on time, and after more than a year an excellent choice for an electric fat bike.
Ray Mattice
Ray Mattice
16:28 21 Nov 19
Great bikes so far. My knees are not in the best shape, but the peddle assist helps me go a lot more places. Kalyn was... very proffesional, and easy to deal more
Leah Hutton
Leah Hutton
18:01 16 Jul 19
This company sells some sick electric fat bikes. The owner is incredibly hardworking and passionate about his product.... Great pricing too. High preformance, and durable more
L Sianchuk
L Sianchuk
19:54 06 May 19
Purchased 2 electric bikes from Kalyn in Nov 2018, which we love. I have 800 km of my bike and it is so exciting to... ride. The fat tires are exceptionally smooth and the bikes are the nicest I have seen in the industry. The price line is very worthy of a look and see what he sells.You have to be cool these days and these bikes are. Kalyn is so dedicated to making things right and we wish him all the success in his business. laurieread more
Erik Neuhaus
Erik Neuhaus
06:48 06 Mar 19
100% recommend. The bikes are awesome and can be used year round. Service was excellent. Test rides were free so I got... to try the newest products. 5* would highly recommend this more
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Electricfatbike Company
Based on 15 reviews
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19:39 26 Sep 23
The owner Kaylen was incredibly helpful! We couldn't be happier with our new E-bikes! They've truly been a... game-changer, making our rides more convenient and enabling us to embark on longer adventures than we'd ever imagined, thanks to their outstanding battery range!read more
Chad Bachelder
Chad Bachelder
17:50 19 Apr 20
Just bought a 750 for my dad. Very fun to ride. Now I have to get one for my wife also.
Lance Formo
Lance Formo
19:18 21 Mar 20
Bought E-fatbike 2 months ago, very happy & pleased with quality & performance. EFB owner Kalyn's knowledge & expertise... excellent. Delivered 3 ebikes promptly, made time to go over & explain everything. Great product & service 2nd to none. Highly recommend. P.S. plan to purchase another one soon.👌😁🥰read more
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
13:08 07 Nov 19
Great bike and when I did have an issue, they took care of it right away!
Raeli K Marie
Raeli K Marie
22:02 04 Sep 19
Kalyn is customer oriented and his bikes speak for themselves!! I’d recommend Electricfatbike Company to anyone and... everyone who wants to go twice as fast and twice as far than your average bicycle ride!read more
Robyn Webster
Robyn Webster
15:44 17 Jul 19
Tested out the Electric Fat Bike .....
after 10+ years not on a bike and I was able to comfortably ride a couple km... No Problem!! 😊 It left me wanting more!
Quiet, Great Stability and Looks Fantastic!!
😎I have a weakness for those FAT TIRES!!!
read more
Hannu Waske
Hannu Waske
05:08 30 Apr 19
I'm very happy with my Electric Fat Bike. Exceptional value for my money.
Marilyn Guidi
Marilyn Guidi
17:23 27 Apr 19
Along with a friend and his wife, we purchase 4 of Kalyn's EFB750s. As we live 350 meters above Kelowna, we have... ridden more in the last month than the last 10 years combined. We are especially enjoying the fat tires as they make the ride so much more comfortable. We have had many compliments on their style.
Thank you, Kalyn. Your e-bikes have made bike riding more enjoyable for us again.
read more
Wilf Pipke
Wilf Pipke
02:51 20 Mar 19
Just purchased 2 bikes from Kalyan. The bikes arrived when he said they would and went together very well. Definitely... very happy with the bikes and the service. The purchase price was very good. Riding the bikes a a pleasure. They handle well and have good power. I consider this a best purchase and would highly recommend purchasing from Kalyan. I would give 5 starsread more
Greg Hesford
Greg Hesford
00:14 01 Nov 18
It makes pedalling up hill a much better ride... more runs to do in a day.
Irene Petty
Irene Petty
23:06 19 Feb 18
Kalyn is a great young man and it is nice to support a local business. I love the bike (great product) and the support... from Kalyn was/is excellent. I would recommend doing business with this more
Patrick Joseph Christopher Cossette
Patrick Joseph Christopher Cossette
01:39 07 Feb 18
Excellent Product! Look nous more!! Great people, great customer service!!
Michael Klopp
Michael Klopp
02:39 05 Jan 18
The product and service is amazing, compared to the rest of the bikes � on the market I would say... ElectricFatBikeCompany is on top of thingsread more
Ryan McCullough
Ryan McCullough
14:15 30 Dec 17
This bike goes every where and build to last and there customer service is amazing
Tanner Kuntz
Tanner Kuntz
07:03 30 Dec 17
Great guy doing great things. I strongly recommend!!!
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